Rejected :)

Hi everyone !

This track was rejected and I need your help to understand where are my mistake ( mix issue , composition , bad choice or whatever) please,

Any help will be really appreciated ,

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The mix isn’t terrible. I’m going to guess it’s because of structure, it’s a little repetative and feels a bit (loop based) which most music is for sure, but you want to make it sound decieving that it’s not by constantly building and varying things.

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I don’t think this sounds like hip hop or lo fi at all. I don’t hear the confident / lifestyle vibes you hear on today’s vlogs, for example.

This is more like ambient or easy listening lounge. I can imagine this on apartment sales or even yoga.

I’m not sure if AJ rejects music if they don’t think the metadata is accurate.

Maybe you can try adding new elements at the end so it doesn’t feel repetitive and then resubmit with new metadata.

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Hi Abandon87 and MarscottMusic ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen this track and giving your point of view about it.

I understand your point and obviously it’s true ! I find it a little bit sad to give a reject for this point because as you said many track are really repetitive here. My mistake is I was too subtle (I mean weak with variation) and obviously my melody choice is too repetitive, I think the right balance between repetition and variation was not well made for this one.

That’s right too !

I’m not an Lofi -Hip Hop expert at all and I understand that it can’t be considered as 100 % true purist Lofi and Hip-Hop. So maybe change the title for AJ will be better, maybe a more “mixed genre title” would fit better.

I will try to work on the final part, bringing something new to break the repetition feelings, and yes change the title for something more accurate,

MarscottMusic I really like your work and I like to take some time to listen to it, it’s very unique and really high quality, that’s pretty impressive

Thanks again :slight_smile: