Feedback on rejected track


Can someone help me figuring out what I could improve in this track, and why it could have been rejected?

(main track + instrumental version)

I made it in a similar format to this other track of mine, which got approved, so it should be around the same quality level:

Comparing them, one aspect in which this one that got rejected may be inferior is the vocal chops. And also how they’re more sparse, leaving more empty space compared to the approved track.
But I’m not sure myself, and there could be other stuff that I’ve overlooked, so I’d like to know what you think.

I only left the other track for comparision since they’re the same style, and that one good accepted.

Thank you all.

I like your music, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your music, but maybe they see that the track is too similar to the approved track

I dont think that they are aware of any pre approved song of his portofolio, considering that stolen well sellers getting approved here!

To be honest your song needs better Mixing/Library Quality and to the AJ Market adjusted overlall Commercial usability. The commercial quality of your track “Urban Lofi” is given more (I like the excited High Hat, it works in the context very good and sounds quilitative)

I see. Yeah it would be weird if they did that.

Hmm, thanks. It’s kind of vague though. I understand “Urban Lofi” sounds more professional than this one, hence it got accepted and this one rejected. But I don’t know where exactly this one is lacking.

You have any suggestion for what could be improved on the mixing?
Also, what exactly do you mean by “Library Quality”?

Appreciate the feedback, you both!
Thanks a lot!

Someone tell me what the reject is for this track.

which is not so with this track still sounds whether the structure is not the same or the sounds of the page, I already 3 times I manage and constantly regge catch