Rejected within minutes?

Hello community,

Is it possible that the reviewer [hard] rejects any item just after looking at the title? I am asking this because I submitted 4 items in Codecanyon and all of them were hard rejected. I found no activity in my demo sites. In every submission, the reviewers didn’t see the demo. The last item was rejected within minutes. What could be the possible reasons behind these? Hard reject emails had the same old “not in quality” message. How is it possible someone says “it’s not a quality item” without looking at it for a single time?

Please don’t ask for demo because this is not specific for one item. Thanks.

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Did you submit all the requirements correctly e.g. documentation, etc.

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Yes. I double checked all the things before clicking on “Submit” button. But is it possible if somehow a required file is missing, the reviewer rejects the item right away?

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Yes - if the requirements are not correctly completed then it’s most likely that an item would not actually get reviewed and just receive the generic reply.

If it’s happened with 4 separate submissions then that sounds like there is soemthing not right with the way it’s being done


If there is anything wrong with the peripherals, not with the actual code or script, would the soft reject it or hard reject? I mean, if my title has any issue, will they point it in email with soft rejection? Or just click the “hard reject” button?

Thank you.

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If the submission requirements are not there, or there is something that is in breach of submission guidelines/envato rules etc. then it is likely to be hard rejected (I am not a reviewer so can’t say for certain how each one would handle it)

Soft rejection is reserved for items close to the standard but if the basics are not correct then the item will not be reviewed, and it will be impossible to determine how close to the standard it is

You could try asking support but there’s no guarantee they will be able to shed light and there is a significant delay in ticket response at the moment


Yes, if I do not follow Envato rules, my item will be rejected. But Codecanyon knows which files are required. And they can also point it at the time of submission if anything is missing. Or they can also point if any “rule/guideline breach” is fixable.

Assume, you worked on a project for months but at the time of submission, by mistake you didn’t include a required file and you got a “generic reply” that your item is hard rejected and you cannot submit the item again. Just because of a small mistake, all your hard work is rejected within minutes/hours. Does this make sense in any way? I don’t think it does.

Envato is asking for more professional work by devs now-a-days. I think, they should also clear themselves how they reject/approve an item. New authors will get confused because a lot of “quality standards” don’t match with their guideline. (e.g. “pro” is blacklisted in word (, but go to Codecanyon and search with “pro” keyword, you will get a lot recently approved items with this blacklisted word. There are a lot of conflicts like this).

Thank you for your replies.

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I guess the blacklisted keywords are only for envato element not for entire envato market.