Soft reject then Hard Reject

For my first submission on CodeCanyon prepared for months, my code item (a bot source code for Telegram ) got soft rejected. I’m unable to understand why it got hard rejected afterwards. I’ve been notified about the soft reject but not the hard one ; My item just disappeared from my dashboard.

I followed the reviewer advices : it was mainly about previews and resolutions. I also notified the reviewer about the demo url in my reply.

Screenshots here:

Could you please help?
Thank you in advance.

If the first rejection was about previews then it’s highly unlikely they even looked at the item esp if there was an issue with the demo url

Thank you for your reply.
My demo URL works perfectly; It’s just visible nowhere on the item details
For the rest, I agree.
Is there a way to know about the hard reject reason ?

Kind regards.

Unfortunately not.

Hard rejects do not get detailed feedback.

Giving no feed back doesn’t help at all and is really strange.

It’s hard to think of any other solution but changing randomly the item and resubmit it again.

Thank you for your time.

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What is link your demo?

Here’s the link for the demo bot Telegram: Contact @ProtechReminderBot