hello …
my project…rejected…at the quality standard needed

Seems a bit short and fast for an opener or slideshow, and far too simple for a logo sting. I’m not a massive fan of the shapes you’ve got going on, but others might like them. I’m just looking at it and I’m thinking: if you get rid of the shape transitions, then what are you left with… seven images that move slightly.

Not a bad start, but it needs to be of a much higher standard to get accepted. Good luck!

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in my opinion (as a musician and not as a videomaker) it adds very little value. just a couple of moving shapes, no effets, no complex things or transitions.
in a few words, a very basic work for today standards

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  • Short Time
  • Long Time
  • Scroll image up - down - left and right
  • The Color Controller Layer

This is the minimum requirement project.

Good luck to you