Rejected Ukulele song!

Here is my song:
I recorded live ukulele and acoustic guitar for this session and it was hardly rejected. What the problem with my mix?

The mix is very muddy, there is no separation between instruments. It’s lacking clarity in the highs too and whatever top end there is is comes mainly from the guitar string stumming and is rather annoying. That guitar string buzz on the left is pretty intrusive too, makes the playing sound a little amateurish. You might want to try to use a notch filter or maybe rerecord the guitar.

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Quite ok, but IMHO:

  • too many ukulele in middle band
  • snare is little flat, but it could pass
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Great upbeat track.

As for me problem in mixing and mastering. To many LF and LMF. To many muddiness nearly 200-350 Hz. And also I feel a shortage of HF. try to remix and remaster it.

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Thank you for feedback!