Rejected track - Your opinion please!

Hi guys, Spiros here :slight_smile:

After submitting a track I got this message:
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

It’s the third track rejection in the row, and I’ m really confused and upset.

You’re thoughts are more than wellcomed!

Hi Spiros,

I love this track! Great job!

However it needs some translation to make it onto AJ…

First off, cut the intro in half, short intros are key here. When someone is browsing through tracks they are only going to give you a few seconds to get to the point.

Second the eighth note chord stabs start out prominent but kind of upstage the cool harpsichord lead right off the bat, so the listener is drawn from one prominent part to a completely different one - a little confusing. Think about flow.

I love the a minor drop, but there still needs to be something to keep the rhythm going, like a rhythmic pad or something so it doesn’t lose too much momentum. Normally that kind of release can be musical, but stock music needs some consistency throughout the track, but with some variety as well.

Please keep us posted on your progress!


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Hi Nathan!

Thank you for your time and your review! It’s much appreciated! (By the way, I’ve heard the two piano tracks of your portfolio and I loved them!)

I think I get the general idea about consistency you’re describing. I’ll try to make some changes to the track and resubmit it.

If you’d be kind enough could you tell me your opinion for the last counterpoint/fugato part?
It falls into the “lost momentum” category you described, as the Am drop?

And could you give your opinion for the overall sound?
I tried an intentional “fakeness” with the samples but I got this review from another site after rejecting the track:
" the quality of sounds in the track makes it still sound too much like a demo".

Thank you in advance!