Rejected orchestal track, feedback please

Hi all, here is my track

All of my orchestral tracks rejected so far, i know it missing something but i cant find what it is.

I’ll be very thankful if you say what is this track missing

Hey @MeteDjr… just gave it a listen… I personally think it’s the string melody glissando repetitiveness also the volume level for the strings itself.
For the sound in general it misses a lot of bottom low end in the mix for that kind of Epic style, esp. for the drum sounds. but it’s only my opinion…

Otherwise the idea idea is very cool…!!
Keep it up…

for the arrangement… I would leave out the glissando melo for the first half of the track,(let it play for example by pizzicato) and fade in the glissando string melodie in from 0:10 on.
that’s it…

It’s not that something is missing, the idea is good, interesting melody, sticks in your head etc. Without going into mix/EQ situation…In my opinion after one listen through - for this length the melody is too complex and a bit too intense. It wouldn’t work in most scenarios ie logos, websites etc. It would work in a video or movie for example, but then it’s way too short, it’d need to be developed further. As it is now, I’d say simplify it (sorry), or make it longer, at least one full musical phrase.

@drakesha Thanks for help! I’ll keep in mind what u say next time i compose orchestral music. Keep it simple :wink:

@TiggiMusic Thanks^^ I actualy cutted everything below 30hz. Maybe its wrong for orchestral music? For drums actually it has so much energy between 30-200, i cutted low mids and mids.
Do i need more bass below 30 ? a specially for drums?

and sorry for my poor english its not my native language

without being super technical, (which freq to boost or cut)… just load up an reference track, analyze / compare them and let your ears be your judge…
If you’re interested… you’ll find lots of vids on U-tube.

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The instrumentation needs to build up for the second repetition to me (Add trombones and horns lower than the choir playing long notes by exemple). Particulary when arranging orchestra music, try not to have exactely identical repetition (instrumentation, lines, dynamics etc). It always need to go in a direction, to go to something, have nuances etc.

Your strings sound telephone like (eq way too narrow, very harsh). It sounds like you have an abrupt hi cut on them that you open gradually till the end of the track. It seems too, that you have cut too much low end on it. It don’t sounds natural. Try a hi shelf and do it subtle or better, use a preset with many velocity layers pp.p,mp,mf,f etc and just increase the velocity from the beginning to the end. You need more definition on all your sounds except the hi hats like sound. Double basses could be a bit louder. Toms need more low energy and reverb. Overall it sounds narrow, harsh. I would work a lot more on the eq above all on the strings and toms, a bit on the choir. Try not to make your strings peak at the same place than the choir in the spectrum but higher in the hi mids. They will sounds more crisp and powerful there and will not interfere with the choir. If you add horns they will be well on the low mids. So you could have horns (300-500 hz), choir (600-3000 hz), strings (3000-8000 hz). Don’t overdo that, your instruments still need to sound large (with audible low end and definition) but they need to sounds a bit louder in the spectrum than the other elements in one area. Use a mix reference. Often, orchestra sound a bit agressive and need to be well eq in the mid. I personnally use chirurgical very narrow notch to diminish carefully too loud harmonics on each instruments first and after that, I give them a place in the spectrum depending of the context of the track.

I like the chords and the strings motifs of your tracks, it sounds mysterious and epic. When I make that kind of short logo I begin with lower velocity, lower number of instruments and simpler arrangement and it progressively grow until the final hit.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Just seen your answer :slight_smile: Thank you! it helps a alot.

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