Feedback for rejected track - hybrid orchestral

Hello amazing AJ community!

I’m fairly new to AJ, and I’ve received my first rejection for an epic orchestral trailer track. I understand it’s a “hard rejection”.

The support feedback has been fairly vague, so I’m not sure if it’s the production quality, the artistic content, or something else that’s wrong with it… so here I am, crowdsourcing listening from the experts amongst you :slight_smile:

Thank you graciously for any pointers you can give me on improving the track! :raised_hands:t2:


Bumping this! Anyone?

Great composition, great not too common tones mix and arrangement. I would not use 2 times that kind of dropping effect (1:00 and 1:25) in the same track because It sounds uninspired.

Bass instrument is not present enough.

Other than that, that track should have been accepted to me.It sounds better and more interesting than other accepted (some extremely crushed ans formated) tracks.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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too many ideas in one composition (too “artistic”)

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Many thanks for the feedback @AnthonySigouin and @WIDE-VIEW - appreciate you taking the time!

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I enjoyed listening to this one, but I agree with the others - too many ideas in one track!

Up until 0:56 it’s great, but then elements are introduced that I don’t think really fit. And absolutely don’t use the same drop twice right away. Actually, I would remove it altogether since I don’t think it fits in this track.

I would cut everything from 0:56 (including the riser before the bass drop) and try to develop the first part more. Variation is good, but it should still feel like the same track, and the elements should feel like they belong there.

An extreme example that you hear here from time to time (in rejected tracks) is someone putting a synth noise sweep in an acoustic track… This wasn’t at all like that, but maybe 5-10% like that.

Anyway, I did really enjoy it, especially the first part! Great feel and sound.

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