Rejected. Need feedback!

The second item was rejected. What’s wrong?


Guitars sound artificial, the track is too repetitive for its 4 minute length, drums often play patterns that a real drummer would never program. The main issue is that it doesn’t sound commercial/catchy enough for a library like AudioJungle and doesn’t fit the projects AJ customers usually make. Take a listen to best selling tracks in the rock category and you’ll get the idea of what type of music sells around here. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Sampled rock guitar power chords in a track is going to guarantee a rejection I think. Especially with so many great tracks already in the jungle with excellently played real guitars in them. No matter how well recorded the sampled guitar library or synth is, it still ends up sounding like the music from the 90’s computer game Doom. (That’s not to say that the music in doom isn’t awesome! Those guys at id did incredible things with that soundblaster chip!)

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Try not to use sample repetition and you will need better programing/more versatile sound library.The notes of your lead guitar don’t sound attached to one another. It sounds fake and robotic.It’s really hard to make convincing guitar line with samples so try to keep your lead not to complicated.

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!