rejected items need some advice

Hi all guys
I just got a couple of rejection and I would like some advices or opinions on how could I improve the quality of the productions…or make them more commercial. I really love audiojungle but lately i got some rejections and I need some help. At the moment i’m living in London and I can’t afford to have a studio but i can mix every 2 weeks in a friend one and i can produce at home with my home studio. I’m a bass player but Seen that i can’t record at home cause hateful neighborood I was thinking to buy kontakt and reaktor which i use to use while i was working in my previous studio in Milan and sound much better than the logic libraries, but is really expensive, do you think it could be a good step to get more approval on AJ? here the two tracks

first was rejected because "the quality of recording, sampling is too far… "

second was rejected because not useful for commercial purpose and is this

thanks for your help

I think it’s about the composition, mixing. Your sound is good.
Just listening to top author items for more references.
Hope it help you.

Thanks for your reply
yes i’m listening at them and some are great but most of them are hardly compressed, I probably need to push them more maybe for this kind of music i shouldn t have to much dynamic but more loudness… I always scared to use software limiter but i don t have a proper analog one… it will come soon hopefully

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I wouldn’t worry - modern software limiters are very high quality and are used by many top flight producers these days.


Hi there!! :slight_smile:
Yes i think it’s about composition and production at the end. I like the idea, but in my humble opinion, find better samples first because the sample’s quality nowadays in AJ is higher level…then, you could try to make the song (first one) really more uplifting, which is not actually because sounds static to me. You have to add rhythm and stuff while the song is running, to let it uplift to the big inspiring section. I see this in AJ tops. Make it grow, go to the point in 30/40 sec, break it down and rise up again.
The emotional one, same story…i am a big fan of reverse stuff so i really love that, great job !!! thats so cool but lacks in production and sample quality…also sounds too dry.
don’t worry about limiting, set it right and you’ll gain volume and sound cohesion.
Yes you should get Kontakt, and sound libraries
Keep up the great work in the Jungle! :slight_smile:

thank for your advices I’ll try

With the first track, I just think it’s a bit weird for corporate music, with the reverses and disjointed sounds. Technically I think your sound quality is good, I just don’t think you’ve made good creative choices with that track.

Your second track has a lot of artistic merit, and you have displayed a lot of creativity and skill. However I think it’s fair enough for reviewers to reject something which they believe is too esoteric and challenging, even though there may be cleverness and genius in it.

I really appreciate you gave me your point of view, rejection or not i feel i’m improving my work thanks to this community, anyway i’ll keep posting here rejection i think would be useful if more users will use this tread to post all rejection and discuss on them to understand the reasons of rejections seen that the reviewers could not provide a proper feedback

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