Rejected Items: A Possible Solution

Hi guys. Well, the web designer in me came through. While pondering the problem of my rejected audio files, an idea dawned upon me. So I quickly (well, not that quickly) put together this little holding page to see if you guys like the idea and would like to participate in it. I have called it AudioRejects. Take a look:

The idea is simple: AudioRejects will collect and sell you the songs that AudioJungle (and other sound libraries) reject. (You can read more about the idea on the page)

(Disclaimer: this is not competition to AJ since this will feature the tracks that AJ reject!)

So let me know what you think. - I know there are a lot of questions and thoughts which I haven’t yet come across, that’s why I need your help, if you would be so kind, to let me know if you would submit your tracks here, if it’s a bad idea, if it’s a good idea… Your thoughts are appreciated.

On another note, to address my own compositional problems, I have signed up to a mixing program by RecordingRevolution (Graham Cochrane) and registered with a sample library (EW Composer Cloud) which so far seems pretty awesome.

So I hope to upload some stuff here soon that won’t be rejected! (And if they are rejected, well… )


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Hi there,

That’s a pretty short-sighted view of “competition”. Not only are you dealing in the same field, production audio, but you also planning to sell tracks and to use the standard 50/50 split. Sounds pretty competitive to me, especially if you are planning to undercut AJ’s prices because of the “rejected” label.

More generally, authors are already uploading rejected tracks to other existing sites, so it is fair to assume that, unless their tracks are utter trash, they are being accepted elswhere. I am therefore not sure what you want to achieve with a page full of low quality trash tracks, and who you expect will pay for them when there is already tons at least mediocre or better quality audio available for free. So, perhaps reconsider the entire approach?




Hi FirstNote. Thanks for the comments. Maybe short-sighted, not sure, since I think once they are rejected then they have nothing to do with AJ anymore. In any case, I guess there are 2 things that this can achieve:

  1. A different library for buyers to browse through, because maybe they are actually looking for something different, a little out of the box maybe. Perhaps I will allow authors to name their songs whatever they like to make the search experience for the buyer better too.
  2. A place where authors can upload their rejected items which they believe were truly fair to use (i.e. not utter crap). Sure, authors are already uploading their tracks elsewhere, but I am hoping this site might have a distinction from the others by the pure fact that these are “quality rejects”. And from what I have read from these forums, most are hardly selling a thing on those other marketplaces.

That’s a good point. I didn’t know that there are places to get music for free. Perhaps thousands of other people don’t know that too. So let’s keep that a secret :slight_smile:

But these are all things I’m glad you brought up. Don’t wanna get too knee deep into it if it really is a terrible idea. Looking forward to see what other people think too.

Of course it’s competition.

You can start any site you want but just don’t advertise a competitor on the AJ forum… :thinking:

My thoughts.

Immediately I thought really bad name - who wants to work with “rejects” in projects they are putting together either for themselves or for clients that they are trying to be proud of. Also what self respecting composer wants to have their tracks listed in the “rejects” pile.

A lot of people will argue that RF libraries have already contributed to the “race to the bottom” and have negatively impacted full-time composers bottom lines, I don’t want to start a debate about that, and I don’t necessarily agree with it fully, but it seems like you are trying to go very “bottom of the barrel” here, not something many people want to be associated with.

The stock music market already has hundreds of libraries. Anything that I don’t get accepted here often goes on to sell quite well on other sites, no harm, no foul.

If you had said, hey I’m starting another market place, and had some really great plan to differentiate yourself or that you were going to pour marketing effort/dollars into placing music, ok maybe… but no way am I putting any of my tracks up as “rejects”!

If they’re that bad (and you can bet I have a few) that I won’t upload them to the other market places, they are staying on my hard drive for a laugh every now and again where they belong!

Sorry to be harsh but just my opinion.

The name has been a point of difference between a friend and myself. I sort of saw it as humorous, tongue in cheek, he saw it more like you, which makes sense. Ah well, just a thought. Thanks.

Not that bad idea. Such a website could serve as a learning opportunity for anyone interested in analyzing the rejected content. Perhaps with all the unapproved tracks in one place it would be likely to identify the recurring problems, most frequent mistakes etc.

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So, I assume you will check the thousands of non-exclusive authors here to make sure the items they upload were indeed rejected. :wink:

I agree with the guys above. If your track is rejected here then try some other low level RF sites and see if they accept your track. If your track is rejected everywhere then the chances are it’s really not very good!

Not gonna name any specific websites, but there are some libraries which already do exactly that, by not reviewing anything. You can just upload anything there.

Kind of like a cross between Audiojungle and Mad Max?

Pyjamarama, it’s a good idea to offer something helpful and useful, like a guide for the rejected or something. Thinking along these lines might get us somewhere. Thanks.

I was definitely going to try and find a way where my life was not spent reviewing tens of thousands of sub-optimal sounds! Like an upload form with several “are you sure?” checkboxes or something!

Sometimes I got hard rejections … and actually this helped me to be aware of some troubles I had with composing… Right now I can see these troubles in my old tracks and I find difficult to send again these “troubled” tracks to other websites, although all compositions I made have a strong emotional component.
Anyway… I think AJ it’s actually a very good school to me!

I agree with those who don’t think it will work as a place to sell tracks, but I can see it working as a way to help us ‘rejectees’. Suppose each track had some options, eg ‘Poor production’, ‘too monotonous’, ‘too esoteric’ etc with a space for comments. And keep the ones with the fewest remarks at the top to help those people? Then I would put up some tracks for sure.