Rejected item, help please

Hi! My item was rejected, i’m new here and plan to upload game assets, could someone please tell me if this is not quality enough for envato? They said it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

Definitely a good start, though they are still pretty rough. The chests are pretty decent. not too much needs to be done there, aside from maybe the proportions being slightly off from one side to the other, making them look a bit wonky. They need more polish.

The keys definitely need a lot more work, they look very flat and very unpolished.

I’m sure you already have, but take a look at these other chest icons. They are a good example of the quality that’s expected.

Your preview also needs a lot of work, it’s also very flat with nothing interesting going on. While yes, your item is what’s most important, your item preview is also very important, even the way you set up and deliver the files is important. It’s your packaging and marketing, so it really needs to stand out and draw attention. Imagine if Apple made all their ads by putting a phone on their kitchen floor then quickly took a photo of it with an old camera, and then packaged it in a small plastic bag before giving it to you. You wouldn’t really see them as high end right?

Your theme seems to be fairly dungeon-like, so while not make it look like the chests are all in a dungeon?


as for me i really like as such …


Thanks a lot for responses and help! I see, keys are flat i will fix that. Yes they are dungeon themed, I like that idea :blush:


You can make give some ideas for create games for good sales :slight_smile: