Rejected for Several Times, need advise.

Hello Authors. I had been rejected for several times (8 items) and don’t know what i must to do again. i have mastered in standart

Envato’s always says:

This submission does not meet our commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard or our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Given the sharp rise in submissions of all quality levels, AudioJungle can no longer afford to take longer to elaborate reasons and deploy custom messages for hard rejecting submissions where several aspects of a composition, arrangement and/or production are deemed insufficient for acceptance, regrettably.

i was re-submitted again with different composition and its all rejected again. what do i need to change in composition or audio quality?
please give me advise.

this is my link to preview

best regard

Beautifully written and orchestrated. The problem is indeed in the quality of samples and mixing/mastering as the rejection message pointed out.

  • The drums and percussion seem to be the weakest link. They are not as big as this genre would like. The pattern is repetitive and lacking in dynamics. There is some serious distortion on percussions on the right channel, which could be fine for a dark hybrid track, but it’s not the type of vibe you’re shooting for here.

  • The mix is flat (two-dimensional). Through better use of reverb you can add the third dimension (depth) which will make it much more realistic and engaging.

  • There seems to be a hole in the center of the mix, with everything either in stereo (e.g. piano) or panned (drums). Try to bring these instruments to the center to give them more focus and emphasis.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

thank u for your advise, it’s very helpful.
and after i fix that (audio quality) , is it possible for me to re-submit again with same arranggement?