Rejected feedback

Hello, could anyone give me some feedback as to why this track may have gotten rejected?

I had a feeling it wouldn’t get accepted, mainly due to the huge breakdown at 0:36, which doesn’t seem to fit too much with AudioJungle’s format/structure, but decided to submit anyway.
(I had this song finished already, didn’t make it with AJ in mind)

So I’ll probably change the structure to make it fit better, but I was wondering if there I was anything else I could work on, maybe regarding the arrangement, maybe mix/master, or something else?

Thank you.

Hi @jpmbianchini ! This is very similar to the minus to the song (or rap reading), which is not quite suitable for sale on AJ (in my opinion), probably you need to change the structure of your track, I think that you should diversify your track with some kind of “colors”. The arrangement is boring and also the mood of the track also leaves much to be desired, although this track possibly would be suitable for some kind of video projects.
Listen to top tracks in a similar genre, good luck!

Hello, thank you for your feedback!

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “the minus to the song (or rap reading)”. Google searching didn’t help either.

Yes, I will try experimenting with the arrangement and structure. By the way, what do you mean by “colors” in this context?

And also what do you mean by “the mood” leaving to be desired?

Sorry for so many questions, I’m just a having time understanding what you mean since they’re very abstract terms.

Can confirm that listening to other tracks in the genre is a good idea, in fact I got another track in this same style approved and studying other tracks really helped. But like I said this one wasn’t made specifically with AJ in mind at the time.



Minus to the song or reading rap, I mean what is called a minus to the song.

Edit: I specifically found for you, so that I do not spoke your own words. So I think it’s clearer: explanation (Wikipedia): “Minus phonogram (“minus”; “recording minus one vote”) - recording a musical work that does not have one or more parts, usually vocal or solo instrument. Under such a recording, a musician (professional or amateur) has the opportunity to perform the absent part himself. Most often this is just a ready accompaniment for a soloist. Also, minus phonograms are often used as the basis for creating independent compositions in the style of hip-hop and rap. Sometimes the minus tracks are simply listened to as instrumental music”.

I lacked in your track, a variety of instruments or musical instruments (for example, which are different though small musical deviations, transitions, etc. (if you understand what I am talking about) so that it is not so boring (but I marked that this is just my opinion).

The mood of the track is pleasant to the ear in the totality and harmony, a combination of tools in the arrangement and also so that someone wants to buy your track. For example: I am a buyer and went to your page with a track and what do I hear? “I want to buy this track right away”. It is this. I mean the audience of buyers, for which your track could be suitable for their video projects in commercial terms (because I liked your track by mood)!
The mood of each track is different, I can not explain it to you in words, it is necessary to listen.

Well, you should understand what is in demand here and in this market. But you are not obliged to write (make) your tracks in exactly the same way as top tracks (you should not copy, imitate, etc.), this is just an example for you.
Good luck!

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I have absolutely no idea what that means either.

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Hi @PurpleFog I answered your question in private messages. :slight_smile:

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Minus - is the a capella vice versa. Only music without vocal part.

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