Rejected - facebook cover

Hi people
Can anyone give me tip what i made wrong in this design ?? why it was rejected
any feedback will be helpful.
thx in advance

hi there, sorry to say just this but the bottom line is that i am not surprised that it was hard rejected … indeed, there are some very interesting things about it like some effort in the disposition and in imbricating elements, the variation in fonts and some real effort about originality , though to be honest there are also a lot of flaws in what u have right now … especially as u are violating several design basic principles

1- contrast
indeed, if some if very good about this , like the orange one on the black background, some other are definitely violating this principle … "the books don’t buy is definitely not popping out from the background …

2- hierarchy of information …
this is resulting from point 1, the important message are not valued, not popping out and most importantly break another rule, see point 3

3- readability
some text , especially the one that i have just referred to are breaking a variety of rules and what we naturally end up with is a text that is simply impossible to read … and once again , this is not fine as this is supposed to be an essential text …

4- “effect”
quite frankly i do not know what u have tried … but the sort of effect that have under bookstore is not only making people have more of a hard time to read the main title but in addition this is clearly not aesthetic at all and this ruins the whole document’s harmony …

5- execution
pls keep in mind that all details matter and that it looks very strange that u have put sort of a mask on the black part on the left and the left part has been erased and the right one remained … this makes the thing look unbalance and lose in aesthetics indeed … besides u have the very same thing but in a slightly more tolerable way with the header …

6- sense
it looks a bit strange at this stage to have almost more slogans than any other thing … i think that the small one n top of the right part "books for everyone " should rather be transformed into a website url or something like this …

Hi, with respect to your work I think one of the reasons is quality.

Check this please:

  1. not aligned edges:

  2. this arrow not looks tasty:
  3. this place looks like a bug:
  4. this phrase is placed too far:
  5. this line looks outdated:

Also, as for me, some text is hard to read:

And I don’t know, is it allowed by the rules to add the photo to the package.


wow, thx for such detailed tips
i will correct my self in next designs

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Many thx for tips
It’s great to hear valuable advice

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according to my rather subsequent experience here , people who say this always end up here asking why they had their item rejected and keeping on doing the same mistakes … now this is up to u …

I will take this tips seriously, and try to avoid such mistakes in next projects. I am very grateful to you for your time that You spend to reply my topic

as for my experience, in most cases people fail to apply these concepts that they were adviced because in a different concept that they have trouble to transfer the concerned data to what they do … i highly recommend reworking the same files for that matter , now people are free to do what they want … even if this is making them end up asking the same thing here …

Totally agree with you!