Rejected - Could you give advise please

Hi guys, i´d really appreciate feedback on these songs. Maybe just for one if you don´t have the time?

Thanks in advance!

You don’t like bass? Why you have it quiet in the mix? this is very evident in the track." Peaceful Moment(97BPM)" make a spectral analysis of the music of other authors. you will see the difference.

the picture of your track.


Mixing - my biggest enemy… Thanks for this. Should be obvious but wasn´t for me. That´s why i asked, Thanks again.

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Good stuff overall! Some may just not fit that well in the AJ library. Here’s some thoughts:

Peaceful Moment - there’s not dynamic variation on the electric piano (or whatever that is). That can make things sound a bit too mechanical. It’s especially evident in the grace notes. It’s also a bit 70’s-ish for my liking, but that’s subjective.

Underwater Tale - I really like where this one was headed! It seems like if you made it sound a bit more natural (took out some of the more synthy stuff) it would sell well.

As Life Goes - Strings sounds too MIDI-ish. A new library would help a ton. Also a better piano sample may help. Also, definitely too long.

Keep up the writing!

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Thanks Jack, especially for the encouraging part :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback and i agree with all that you said.

I come from electronic music but i just enjoy (making) other stuff as well and i will keep on with that.