Feedback wanted after Hard Reject

Once again my latest upload was not approved so I would kindly ask the community for feedback how to improve my song. :slight_smile:

I composed this for a client as background for a children’s book video and I was looking forward to license the song via Envato, now I have to do it manually.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Does sound a little dry (especially the piano) and the string playing the melody/counter melody part, sounds a bit synthy.

I would add a touch of reverb and replace the legato string patch and/or play around with the mod wheel automation.

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Hi BaumannMusic,

I believe the composition has a good structure and arrangement. One of the rejection reason’s might be the sound of strings, especially legato in the beginning. They feel to be detached. Two possible solutions:

  • try to make them more realistic (including the techniques suggested above);
  • or go to the other direction and try to make them sound like a pad or synth, so there are no suggestion these are real strings.

Good luck and patience with it!

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First i will agree agree with the rest of the commenters. Second i’d add some parallel compression on that high fq sound of i dunno sounds like plastic pipe/pluck for me lol that comes at 0:39. Can’t really pick one more thing or another, sounds cool for me. Also what did you used for that stomp kick sounds? It’s just awesome.

Thanks for all the hints. I’ll have a look on the strings the next days :slight_smile:

The Drums and Percussion are a mix of Battery IV Samples and Action Strikes from Native Instruments.

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As for me sounds very good. But it seems to me that there is not enough space in the track. You screw up with reverbs somewhere. Anyway - good job! Never give up with rejections! Keep up good work and make such inspiring music! =)

Finally I enhanced the strings and I reworked the reverb and mixing. The track is much better now, thanks for all the comments guys!!! <3

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I totally agree about strings

It’s a lovely piece, great job!. I found the drums level a little bit higher than I would do, but maybe it’s just me…
Maybe the drums sound a little bit epic for a child song??
Anyway, I enjoyed a lot listening! :smiley: you deserve a big approval!! :smiley:
congratulations and good luck!

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