Need feeback - Rejected Tracks

Hi guys,

I know this has been discussed a lot but I really need your help to make better tracks that get accepted by AJ. Here’s a link of one of the tracks that got rejected and I would really appreciate any specific feedback you might have to help me fix this track or future ones.


Hi , I don’t know if this is the reason for rejection, but you have a lot of the same elements in your song from another popular song on other big stock marketplace. (Percussion, vocal chop theme, and other ) This may be the reason, hope this helps.

Hey man, interesting artwork, it sounds good I like the mood. The piano has in the brake (1 :45) some artifacts, thats reduces the quility utility, in addition I think its not optimal in the all around EQ. The song could be even more be glued together( Noticed it around 43 seconds). Might they felt not comfortable with the mastering too.

Cool, points noted. Will check out if I can swap some samples out and hm yes I noticed some audible distortion in my piano track so I’ve fixed that. In the drop section there is a special modulated effect added. Does the track seem too busy or is this sound like things fit nicely?

Just trying to improve my composition skills to do enough and not over do it. :smile:


One word “Mess.” Try to choose instruments that are more harmonious.

Ouch! That’s a harsh review. Do u have a reference track I could listen to. So I’d understand a lil more what u mean?

I think is a great idea for a track, I like it, however I think this song could sound much better in terms of mixing and/or mastering. To me it sounds cool but also like an unfinished product, for instance at 46’ when the guitars came in you could add lots of volume and compression to make an impact and contrast the intro with the bridge, etc… So you have lots of parts where the song breaks that could help the song to have more dynamics and use it in your favor to improve the “impact” of every part within your song.

So, my humble advice is: learn more about mixing to improve the impact of your music, listen other top authors songs to learn about some of the things I pointed out before. The music in my opinion has lots of potential.

Sadly AJ reviewers more often than ever before are rejecting almost everything, lots of times they judgement seems very subjective to me, so everyday is harder and harder to be approved, and they give no valuable feedback at all… so, just keep trying.

Btw, if you make significant changes you will be able to resubmit the song…

Good luck

Thanks a ton for the feedback Sonicbyte! Will definitely give the mix another shot and try and make the impact bigger! When you said add volume did u mean to the entire mix or just the guitars?

Hi (sorry about my English)…I mean you could improve the overall arrangement and quality of your song by using breaks and the nuances that you already have in your song more prominent to make it more interesting, for instance, by change how loud the main melody or the chorus sounds in comparison to the intro…
Check this song of my portfolio (I’m not comparing songs at all, this is just an example of what I mean)

If you listen I try to make the song grow over time on intensity and when the main melody starts is louder and intense than the intro, later the bridge is softer, then it breaks again with more intensity up to the end of the song, I also add layers of melodies or textures… You’re song has this ‘blocks’ in it that you can use to surprise or make your song more interesting and dynamic.
Again you should also pay attention to compression, Eq, how each instrument sits in the mix, mastering, etc… But nevertheless the song has potential you got right the hard part of make a good song👍, just give it a new spin, I’m sure you’ll find the way.


Appreciate your help! Thanks guys… Still new to this format.