Rejected audio item, some feedback pls!


My submisson was hard rejected.

Can you give me some feedback or possible reasons? Thanks



Hmm sounds like this would be playing in the background of an add, yeah its not too bad can’t see why it got rejected. also its a bit long isn’t it?


Thx! It’s just 2 slightly different version.


Hey tonehank,

It’s a nice track, but there are some aspects that need improving on before it can be reconsidered for approval. Some comments:

  • The acoustic guitar samples don’t really fit this style. It sounds too harsh - consider using some softer samples or record it live. Electric guitar (including mutes / harmonics) is generally better suited to this kind of genre. They’re much softer and blend in better with the style of the track.

  • The staccato strings towards the end sound quite cheap; mainly the staccatos from 1:46. Consider using some different samples, or at the very least remove the dotted 8th staccato parts as they sound quite

  • I’m not a fan of the part in the melody at 0:07, 0:23. It sounds a little strange, especially at 1:53 and 2:08. Keep working on it and remove any potentially sour sounding notes. For this style it’s best to have a simple and catchy melody.

  • There’s not a lot of development in the track. It’s a bit repetitive. Maybe introduce some variation in the chord progression using a verse-chorus-verse-chorus type structure. I felt there could have been a new progression at 0:30 starting with the tonic - ie I-IV-vi-V

  • The ending of the track needs some work. I would include the bass and strings in the ending chord. Also - why not end on the tonic? Ending on a minor chord isn’t the best idea for this genre. You’re trying to motivate and inspire the listener, not make them feel sad at the end. :wink:

  • And finally, whilst not really a reason for hard rejection, it is rather similar to ‘Motivate’ by LoopsLab. It’s not plagiarism (by stock music standards anyway), but there are parts that do sound very similar - the main being the melody and chord progression.

Anyway, I think it could have some selling potential here, so keep working on it and good luck!



I see, now they did mention in the help section that there can’t be any big gaps/silence in your track that may be why they did not accept, i would separate the tracks and send them one by one, I just sent them one aswell :smiley:


Thanks for your answer, these are useful advices.