Rejected again?! Need help with corporate track!

link to track:

  • any ideas? =(
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the idea is good , a lot of high frequencies ) and the monotony of the guitar mute instrument

Im not really sure what went wrong, there is a video on youtube, interviewing the envato staff and they address the topic of rejection, I just submitted my first track, and maybe I get rejected too. But IMHO, and I could be very mistaken, maybe its the melody, when going over the third chord it breaks the flow. maybe try some melodic protocols as sentence or period. Again it´s my personal view, and I could be mistaken. But overall its great. Cheers mate!

Problem is with the 3rd chord. It creates pretty audible dissonance with strings and guitar later in track. I think it is a good idea to tweak chords progression to make it more organic. Overall mix is a little muddy. Also, tambourine is panned too hard to the right. Nonetheless, good luck to you!

Thanks guys!