Rejected Again - Can Someone Give me Feedback Please?

The first time this song got rejected, it was just the mix. The second time, it got rejected for the mix and composition. Seems a bit inconsistent on the reviewers side. I’m keen to get this song approved as it would be my first one. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
EDIT: The drums and bass in the mix sounds a bit weird on soundcloud. Any reason for this?

Hello mate,

  1. The guitar or pluck sound you used for this track is not good. Your groove is good.
  2. Make the fill or break between verse and chorus for the contrast.
  3. Change the groove or sound between verse and chorus.
    Take a listen to this track.I love it.
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Inspiring production! Soundcloud is streaming in 128 kbts Mp3. Based on trying I think you get the best results out of Soundcloud by uploading 320 kbts Mp3 (Not WAV). Of course you must render a proper Mp3 with round about - 1,3 db Ceiling.

Thanks so much for the advice. I will definitely give that a shot!

Thats good to know, thank you. I was going crazy trying to fix my export settings.