Again reject..., please help!

My tracks are being rejected all the time, help me figure out what to look for?

My last rejected track :

There are other tracks in the soundcloud account that also received a reject.

I will accept and I will be grateful for any harsh criticism.

sorry for my English)

accepted after rework !!!


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nice song! also I think a problem was the AJ watermark was too low

maybe, but in the accepted version they even play quieter

Hey man, I’m kind of going through the same thing. Could you please let me know what major changes you’ve done to get accepted ?

Thanks !

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Well, firstly, you need to feel it by ear. Compare what was rejected and what was accepted.

main changes: replacing some instruments (middle section), creating a more natural dynamics of sound (noticeable, for example, on bells at the beginning), more sounding of each part (equalization), and the most important in balance in all senses.


I see ! Thanks for sharing man, will be looking into this too :slight_smile:

good luck man