Reject the product strangely!

We have been sending our product for a few days, but we do not receive any convincing reason!
Does anyone know why my product is rejected?
I received several emails and this is called hard rejection!
Can anyone help me ??

Hello @JefDesign

You’ll need to post a demo of your item here if you want to get some constructive feedback from your fellow authors.

From what I understand in this statement, you have submitted the same item more than once? Please do not resubmit a hard rejected item since this can result into having your submission rights revoked.

If your item is hard rejected, this means you have a lot of work to do in order to be able to get approved. So much work that it becomes a whole different item. So please make sure you take this into consideration in case you get another hard rejection.

here you are:

There is no one to help me? !!!

It’s a nice plugin, but there are already similar plugins available on CodeCanyon. You would need to bring something exceptionally new, unique, and useful for it to be accepted as a new item.

So no one should submit WordPress templates because there are many WordPress templates on the site!
You confirm. If it does not sell, remove it!
I believe this product will be the best-selling product on the site!
Please help me to publish it.

This is the top selling similar item Socialsider - Universal Social Sidebar by boom-apps | CodeCanyon which looks like it had far more buttons and options.

However less than 700 sales in 7 years is nothing and highlights the limited commercial value of something like this

Do you compare this product with our product?
This is not a correct preview at all.
Just because a product is not a bestseller does not mean that it is not a good product.
What should I do now to get my product approved? You publish the product for 7 days. If you have less than 100 sales during this period, delete the product.
I’m sure this is a professional product.

  1. 100 sales in a week is ambitious for even a great plugin. Removing it if this is not met is not how to design and create for stock marketplaces.

  2. there are numerous very similar items on CodeCanyon, even the best of which have less than 100 sales a year

  3. what is this, this or this? You cannot submit freebie items or other people’s designs/code. This is a waste of your own and the reviewers time and a very fast track route to being banned.
    Even if this is your profiles, then as an exclusive author, selling items on other marketplaces breaches your agreement with Envato.

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Which product is for another design?
Are you sure this is our product for others?


your demo

The original item

Why didn’t you put a complete picture of the original demo !?
Where is the address of the original demo !?
I want to prove that this product is for us. You also prove that this product is not for us !!!
Be sure to do this

It’s not our job (or the reviewer etc) to download and install other items to prove a point

It is undeniably a mirror copy.

Other than the order of the bottom left icons (which are still the same ones) and the font used in the title - everything else is an exact match. It wouldn’t matter what the rest of the page looks like

If you can’t code your own work/design your own preview images then this really is not somewhere for you to be trying to sell items

I do not understand you at all!
What is your problem?
What and who are you complaining about?
Where did I copy?
are you OK?