Product is hard rejected!

My product is hard rejected, it is multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace with admin, vendor, delivery boy and user panel. Developed using Laravel 8.X.

Not sure what could be the reason, here is the URL of front-end:


I doubt it was reviewed properly given you are an exclusive author and selling this elsewhere


That’s what I am thinking, this product is rejected 3 times within an hour. I am not sure what can be the reason.

I am not really understanding what you mean by ‘exclusive author and selling this elsewhere’. I am not selling this anywhere else if that’s what you meant.

If you’ve been rejected without feedback then resubmitting it 3 times in an hour will run a serious risk of your account being banned.

You are an exclusive author so can only sell items on envato but this Grocer - Multi Vendor eCommerce Grocery Marketplace | Skenix Infotech looks like you are selling it elsewhere?

If the reviewer sees this then they will just generically reject the item without reviewing it.

Thanks for the details @charlie4282,

However I submitted the product on 2 weeks intervals, I uploaded product before around 2 months and it was hard rejected within an hour. So I made some changes, improved the performance and resubmitted again after around 2 weeks, again it was rejected. Yesterday I uploaded the product 3rd time after making some further updates but no luck, it was hard rejected within an hour with the reason: “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

So now I am clueless about the issues with my product.

Yes, the link above is in my website only, that’s my company website. But now I removed the page and it’s URL from the google search console. So what do you suggest, should I upload now?

Also I am new Author and this is my first product so not that expert to understand how the review process goes, but I followed all the articles of how to upload the PHP Script to condecanyon and I am sure that there are no issues with the upload process from my side. Maybe there is something I am missing???

Also what do you think about the hard reject within an hour from the review team? I think they didn’t even checked the product and rejected as you mentioned above!

What do you think about the product? Is it well designed and has good performance that can passed through the review process? Or there are something that needs to be altered or needs updates, what do you think?

Thanks in advance for your time and help with the issue.

Generally (front end) it looks fairly good.

There’s some small attention to detail foxes like the logos bottom of the home page as a carousel on mobile not just a shrinked image.

You 100% have to lose all the copyrighted brand products and logos. I get people could swap these once using the item but included trademarks in a commercial project is a big big no no.

Thanks, Will make those changes and try re-uploading.