Reject pls help ^__^

Hi, people
I have a reject here

Do u know a possible reason of the reject? All kind of help is very appreciated.

I hope to learn from it and to make it better

Hi, I think it takes a long time to develop. It is also similar to many existing items. Reviewer fatigue from hearing the same kind of things again and again is starting to be an understandable factor I think. Nicely recorded though :slight_smile:

Hi, as RevTurkey said it is very similar to many existing items. Had you uploaded this a few years back it would have probably done very well. One thing I would change - The track breaks down and then slowly comes back with slightly less energy than before the breakdown, perhaps missing that hi-hat/tambourine part. I would have slowed things down for 4 bars and then hit the listener with a big, bright climax, really lift the energy and excitement.

Hey There!
In the breakdown part maybe try to use another instrument (from the ones featured in the first part) to keep the rhythm a bit tighter than the string pad. Then the string pad could join in the second part of the breakdown along with fast hihats or tambourine (but this might be too much for a breakdown, experiment a bit here to find out how to build it up the right way).
And, as Music2Sync said, after the breakdown, come back with at least the same amount of energy as before. But more would be the real aim. Maybe try some snares to add some extra punch in the climax.
Cheers, and good luck!

The kick sounds like a bouncing football, and 0:32 needs a cool tambourine shake. Otherwise a track that will sell i think. :slight_smile:

thank you all for a good feedback!!!

See it sounds good to me, but even if it sounds like other things here, I’m still looking at people selling their stuff regardless of similarities. Did they say why they rejected it?

just type corporate ! :smiley:

not really
I had this standard message:

This submission does not meet our general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

Refer to this document (the second half) for guidelines as to what this might mean.

Oh boy, I wish I had seen that list before. Now I know for certain they’re going to turn this down and reject it:

Maybe I should just cancel it right now.


in my opinion , your song was rejected because the instruments you’ve used seem a little too " demo “. I do not think it’s because it looks like other songs . if it were so , I think that 70 % of the songs now in the market would never be accepted ( including my own ) …
So , try to do it again using more " trendy” intstruments .

My 2c

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