Had enough of rejections. Again?

Hello everyone!
Do you think that this track is gonna be rejected or not?

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I like the verse and refrain parts alot your track sounds good to me. Positive, friendly and warm music.
I think the snap should go always just on the 2nd and 4th, so I would change the groove. In addition: Everything could be glued better together.

I cant say what gets approved and what not!

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Thank you!)
Yes, gluing it’s not my best skill… )


What a great sounding track! I think they might get you on a few things:

  1. Sometimes you’re pulling the E a bit sharp on the rhythm uke for the e minor chords, might want to run that through Melodyne or something.
  2. The timing on the fills (every 4 measures) isn’t locked in between the rhythm uke and the snare.
  3. The timing on the piano after the break isn’t locked in, especially the rolled chords.

Overall a great track, just lots of teeny timing issues, clean those up and you’ll nail it!


PS – I’d appreciate your thoughts on my track too!

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Great thank you!
Could you give me a link to your track?

There’s something chaotic about the strumming. You shoud clean any mistakes, if you want this to be approved. I like the bass line, it sounds great. The melody is somewhat undefined. More compression, maybe?

In general, I think that you should be more self-critical when producing these tracks. So can’t say for sure if it will get approved, but hope you’ll get lucky. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
I’m very self-critical about making music. And I hear, that sound is very not perfect.)
But the problem is that it is very difficult to get feedback with a specific description of the errors. And I don’t understand which areas should I pay more attention to.
Well, great thank you again for your opinion!)

You should quantize your composition

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Hi, could you give me your thoughts on this one? Thanks!

  • Nathan

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Thank you!)

I would add that there is not enough solo part.
Need a whistle! :sunglasses: