Opinions needed on a rejected song!

Hey guys, I am pretty new to AJ, my submission has been rejected and since there is never any feedback from AJ, I would like your opinion on what you think might be the reason that may have caused the rejection.

I am not upset over this. In the end, Its an opportunity to better my tracks. It is just not easy to narrow down your own mistakes since they don’t give any feedback…

Anyway, here is the link…

I’d like your honest opinion and I really appreciate your time…

Thank you!

Hello friend,
First thing i saw here is your ukulele chord sound not quite natural as playing or you can play less groove of Ukulele.
Your kick drum need more pleasure. The break guitar has different groove then other part. You can make it simpler there. your ending guitar timing has outed of beat?
Hope it help you.

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Hi, another reason for rejection might be that the section from 1:10 is too different from the energy of the rest of the track. Imagine a video editor using this track in the background, then all of a sudden the whole mood changes. A little variance is good, but not too much. Maybe keep some of the rhythmic elements going through that section so it is more consistent?

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Thank you so much for your input friends.

I now see it clearer as far as how to improve the structure of my compositions.

Thank you again!