I want to refund the theme

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I want to refund

I want to refund

As perthe link that @CocoBasic correctly shared - you need to check that you are eligable and if so then use the link on that page to request one

what can i do to have a refund please

You need to read this link to make sure that you would be entitled to a refund e.g. if the item is broken and not jsut that you changed your mind. Can I Get A Refund? – Envato Market Help Center

Assuming that your reason is valid for a refund then you need to click the ‘Request a refund’ button on this page to request one.

I bay theme and i have big problems, theme support not aswer my questions, what can i do?

If theme support made no effort to reply and assuming that you have asked using the correct method e.g. via item comments or support portal etc. then you can reach out to envato to look at it.

This will also depend on what the issue you are having is. If it is related to things covered by support. How long ago you purchased the item.

(note this is NOT a refund request link) Envato Market Help and Support