Refund Request


I created a return request and it has been in process for 5 days. When can I get a response?

It depends on an item author and his decision. Only he is responsive to accept or deny this request.

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Thanks for answer.
So is it normal for it to take this long?

Yes, I’ll tell you more, the author may never respond. Although there may be good reasons for this (illness or something else).

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Indeed, the refund request is initially sent to the author, who in rare circumstances may not be available to respond, especially those affected by the recent world events.

If the author doesn’t respond to your request within 5 days, an option will automatically appear somewhere on the page to raise a dispute with Envato, who will then aim to respond within 3-5 days.

If you don’t see this option on the refund page yet, wait another day or two and it should appear.


I hope nothing like this happens

I think there is such a section. I will wait 1 more day, if there is still no answer, I will report the problem from there.

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