REFUND request product purchased on Themeforest

Hi, I’m new to the forum, thanks to those who want to help me.
I have purchased a support a few days ago but I would like to make a REFUND request.
I have some questions:
1 - how can I do it?
2 - will I get a full refund of the total amount (product cost + VAT + commissions)?


Hi @francesco-a,

Please see this Help Center article on how to request a refund:



Requesting a refund as KingDog has stated shows you the link. However, you have to also understand that there has to be a valid reason for requesting such a refund, and those reasons don’t include -

  1. I don’t like the theme;
  2. I tried it and couldn’t understand how it works;
  3. Any other lame excuse that some buyers come up with.

The market depends on trust between authors and buyers and to that end refund requests are governed by certain restrictions.