Refund Policy

I see a need for some changes regarding Envato refund policy.

  1. There is no direct department to contact.
  2. Envato leaves the decision up to the Author.
  3. Though a policy is in place it does not protect the purchaser.
  4. I think Envato need to step up and be more involved as there the one who is offering up the service and making a profit.

I think a department needs to be formed to allow those with complaints to file directly to Envato not the author, Envato should protect there brand and customers. And do the investigation not putting the burden on us or say if you dispute the charge then your account will be locked until matter is resolved.

Further more as big as the Envato community has got maybe a independent community should be created to over see such things a false descriptions and comments to authors that are not getting answered or there website is no longer up and running.

I have been a community member since 2014, I have purchased quit a lot of product with no issues but it seems as some authors are getting through the verification process and this is allowing to happen!

So just for clarity:

  1. There is and they can be reached using the link at the bottom of this page

  2. They allow authors to take a decisions but this can be challenged with envato if a buyer disagrees

  3. How does it not protect them?

  4. They are involved and if a buyer does not get a response within 7 (working) days or is not happy with the outcome then they can file it with envato to review

In terms of mediating false descriptions and comments - again envato will get involved if they are made aware. They do not own any of the items sold and cannot be expected to be aware of details of the thousands of items available for sale.

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  1. I understand that and am aware.
  2. I think Envato should be involved by getting the request and then forward it to author if need be.
  3. It seems as the policy is protecting author and Envato and Envato has made it very difficult on this process.
  4. Doesn’t seem true on 7 days.

I am in a situation with an author currently we’re this author hasn’t replied to me or any one else has made public promises and now this author website is now gone.

Envato should add a link directly on the items page that links to a request form vs having us dig for a solution.

It could be clearer but enabling authors initially to handle things remains the best option and significantly reduces the time involved.

I don’t think having a form on the item pages is a good idea - you only need to read these forums to see the scale/percentage of issues that are not always founded and encouraging people to file disputes is only going to create bigger delays and potential frustration for everyone.

Understand. Though been a member since 2014 and have not had an issue but it seems that some how this author slipped through the verification process some how.

It takes buying the item, then testing on your system or the environment its ment for whether the author places a demo or not you have to download the item once.

Then when you find bugs, errors or issues in code and submit a support request that use to be 12 months now is 6 months and the author doesn’t reply or your post comment on authors page or a support request is sent and 8 days still no reply then what, I’m out of the money I spent.

I’m just saying I think something different needs to change. I purchase a lot within the Envato community and I refer a lot of customers to the Envato site to purchase. But at this point im loosing the trust that this won’t happen to my customers on a project I’m helping them on. And that reflects back on me. Frustrating!