Refund for item purchased long time ago

Hi guys!

Just curious. How do you handle refund requests for item purchased long time ago. Do you decline such requests or approve them?
I’m asking because I just received refund request for item that was purchased in 2014.

@Envato: Don’t you guys think to add some refund period? Imagine that I purchased something in offline shop and after 3 years come to this shop and ask for refund. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

This has happened before, there was a forum thread where someone requested a refund after few years, what a joke.

Just reject the request

This is nonsense. Refund period should be maximised in 30 days.
@halfdata I suggest to not decline or accept, but simply ignore it. This user can blackmail you. If he/she opens a dispute or give bad rating you still have the chance to do something.

Guys. Thanks for your replies. I’ve declined request and reported to Envato Support about customer’s behavior.