Codecanyon required some improvement


This is not first time but at least some improvement required to do ! (Its just my suggestion, required all author attention)
The customer purchase the item over the 1 year ago and he want now REFUND. Common all community member what kind of this policy provide to customers. Please Envato team support the author at least. This is not a way you make policy which is customer already used 1 year item and now he want refund too. Comment down your suggestion and improvement !

PS. Do not say reject the request.

Waiting for community revert !

Thanks & Regards

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Envato won’t update their “refund” system and in most countries, legally the time is 90-180 days. If the item has been downloaded already, you can simply ignore the request. Suggestion is to make sure that you update the item time to time ( haven’t checked if you had already ) but this is a result of buyers are trying to get the money back ( some authors are too scared to reject the request ) - there’s nothing anyone can do.

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Well if you don’t want to reject the request, then you can either ignore it or approve it.

Sure, asking for a refund after a year is pushing their luck, but while 99% of refunds requests after a year are likely to be unwarranted, there might occasionally be that 1% where it is warranted and you’re happy to provide it under whatever circumstances they may be… as a result, there’s nothing wrong with having the ability to request/provide a refund after X month or years.

That doesn’t mean you have to provide one though.

If there was a policy that you had to provide a refund after a year, then I’d completely agree… that needs changing. But the ability to request one? Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned.