Refund, approve or not?

Someone request refund. He say that he want some other template and that he was make mistake.
Should I approve refund?
Will I lose more money because some taxes (Im from Bosnia and Herzegovina) ?

The most important is to make sure that you comply with the refund policy. If he didn’t download the item, you should give him the refund. If he is just asking for your understanding and kindness, you don’t have to give him a refund (assuming he didn’t purchase your template out of false advertising etc).

Taxes won’t be an issue with refunds, if you give the refund it’ll be just like he never purchased the item (except he might keep secret copy of your item on his computer). All taxes and Author fees will be refunded to you.

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How can I know did he downloaded item?

If he submitted a refund request, this information should be available to you in your Author Dashboard’s refund section.

Unless you’re selling a poptato, almost refund requests are invalid.
I faced about 10 requests, declined all :wink: