What if customer ask for refund and author does not have money in its account

Hi community, I would like to know What if a customer ask for a refund and author does not have money in its account, hat will happend? author still gets the refund request to accept it? and what will happend if he accepts the refund?


If he download your file then do not give him refund! if you like my word then do it

Here is Envato refund rules


Never got such scenario but I feel envato will do it from its accounts and will deduct from author account once he/she has some. But not sure exactly …

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when author accept refund request then envato team review the request and sent the refund money to customer. If author don’t have sufficient money then may be the refund process (review and send money to customer) will be some delay till author account get sufficient balance to refund.

to be more clear you can Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to answer you.


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The refund will be taken in an action and your account would go minus. Once you earn some $$$, the balance would go to zero


Pretty much all answers here are correct. The refund will be approved, processed, and you’ll go minus until a sale is remade! :slight_smile: