"recently viewed" feature in AudioJungle

Since last week or so, when I enter directly to audiojungle.net
and I’m logged in as author,

I can see a nice thing.

“Recently viewed” items :slight_smile: have you seen it ?

So far, I have 4 items as “recently viewed” and got already 2 sales,
1 regular, 1 broadcast.

I think it’s great that they’ve made this feature, so an author can look “at-a-glance” and see
which items were recently viewed (instead of going to every item and see “analytics”) :))

what are your thoughts on this ? do you have any interesting ideeas on further developing this feature
for the sake of the author ?

cheers all

I don’t think that’s how it works, unfortunately. Although your idea would be really awesome!
The new Recently Viewed feature shows the items that you have recently viewed.

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really ?

well…from my mistake, a wonderful ideea for our dashboard was born :slight_smile:

how do we tell an Envato officer ?

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The recently viewed would probably change 10 times per second :grinning:But I guess this can be somewhat useful for buyers, maybe…

If a few hundred authors will request this feature and bump this thread over and over, calling out staff, threatening to leave the platform, and so on, then maybe in a few years Envato will start thinking of doing something about it… :wink:

Does it? Mine is pretty stable and indeed shows the last items I’ve viewed. But yes, it’s definitely aimed at buyers in order to increase conversions.
EDIT: nevermind, hadn’t read carefully.

No, I meant if it should show recently viewed by everyone. But you meant recently viewed in your own portfolio maybe? That would make sense, but you wouldn’t need that on the front page.

Yes, that’s what @SoundLoungeStudio was saying, having the items of your portfolio that were recently viewed by anyone. I agree it wouldn’t belong on the front page. It would be a nice feature to have in the dashboard or on a dedicated page though.

…so if I now understand it well, it’s a feature ment for authors to see which items they’ve seen recently.

So if they extrapolate and create a dashboard feature for authors
that lists recently items viewed by buyers in a list with 50 items per page (with next button)
you can actually see in a glance what items are being viewed.

It’s an analytics feature (they already have analytics for each item) but displayed in a different way
that can help the author save time and see which are really his popular items.

Trust me, I am also a web developer, and I think about developing stuff like that for my apps.

…i am prepared to open a ticket and present this ideea in a clear and well-written way to them developers @ Envato.

I hope I can bring this ideea to the whole community of authors and transform the ideea into reality
in a near future.

If you ask me, since they already have the data collected for each item of every author,
this feature can be simply done by the developers in one day, tested the next, go live in the 3rd day : )

cross fingers

I envy your optimism :wink:


it’s just a ticket…and if it’s for the better of the community, why not ? :slight_smile:

done. Ticket submitted. It takes about 2-3 days to get in touch with someone usually, and about 1 week to have it submitted to the right people in Envato team.

fingers crossed to a possible future feature on Envato Market :slight_smile:

I think this feature is aiming to support buyers while they are browsing for the right track. The last five tracks viewed from your IP address are displayed (even when you are not signed in). Why would this be useful for authors? It’s for buyers to find their recently browsed tracks easily.
Though, it would be very nice to have an author page which summarizes which of your own tracks have been listened to recently.

Congrats on your two new sales anyway! :slight_smile:

ticket sent and answer finally received.

“We are thankful for your thoughts on that as it will help us develop a better, author-useful product.
I will forward your observation to necessary staff.”

finger crossed for a new useful function guys : )