Featured Item on Profile Page


What´s your experience and frequence of changing your personal “featured item” on your profile page?
Do you choose your top seller, the newest track, a trendy one or a niche track?

Interested in your experiences and sales rates.
For me, it makes no change if it´s my top seller or a non seller. Same rate… :slight_smile:


I’ve tried several different approaches: putting my one week old track there for a couple weeks to extend the visible life, posting my top seller for a long time, and most recently posting a favorite Christmas track for the holiday season. Problem is I can’t tell if it works or not. I think a lot of times the time frame of the buyers are so varied (some download a preview and take a while to finalize the purchase) that it makes it tough for us to analyze.


I think that it doesn’t matter. Buyers are too busy and they don’t visit your profile page. But that’s my opinion.


Well if you check and add HTML Code of Flag Counter and Life Traffic Feed to your profile page you see that your profile get´s visits.


I think that 99% of visitors are audiojunglers, not buyers!


If I take a look at the Top Author profile pages…well, I think you are right.
You could leave your profile page empty and invest this time in composing music.


Yes, i think so, too. We have authors with amazing profile graphics, buttons, pictures etc. with few sales per week, and we have top authors with empty profile. It’s awesome to have cool profile look, but if you have time or money for that. Personally, i tried everything, i tried to make cool logo design, genre buttons, but it makes no change. So i realized that i’m a crapy designer. My job is making music. I’ll think about it when i will be elite! :slight_smile:


I change my featured item as often as Envato change item on main AJ page - once a week. I imagine my self like little Envato :joy:


I agree that most visitors are AudioJungle authors, but I think that more than 1% of customers visit profile page. Little example: when I purchase some stuff at graphiriver I always visited authors profile page and portfolio:)