New item doesn't show up in portfolio

Hello Audiojungle Forum,

I’ve got a new item approved today noon CET ( Though the item does not show up on my portfolio? I see it when I am logged in, but not when I am logged of. I don’t see the item when searching as well?

Please Envato, it is pretty much annoying getting a couple of nice comments (thanks guys) but I cannot see the item, so I assume nobody other than my followers see it for buying?


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Very annoying, it really doesn’t show up… nowhere!

My latest track is nowhere to be found in the search by newest items, even by very very specific search( specific category, title, newest items). Anyone else have this little nightmare?

If I’m logged out my newest item doesn’t even show up in the portofolio. Just now I saw @Sonelibrary confrunting with the same problem. MAybe a moderator could move this post into the other one…thank you!

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You should contact Envato help for the issue

I already did. No answer yet. Quite annoying. Never happend for 3 years.

Maybe this is a wider glitch. Because our sales droped 50% 2 days ago. Somethimg wrong with search?

Please contact support via Envato Help & Support Center and let them know about your issue. They’ll get back to you and aid you with this issue shortly. Cheers!

I have a similar problem

I have a similar problem too!!!

You got lucky! It’s a recurring bug that has something to do with caching. It’s actually happened quite often, and it’s devastating for the concerned item when it does.

Due to the repetition of the issue, it looks like it’s something that cannot be fixed for good and will be repeated again at some point. So once again, I ask Envato to come up with a way to compensate items that have suffered from this issue. Offering new exposition time for those affected items would only be fair!


Maybe delete this item and approve again?

Well, this not a viable solution. Since your item has already been approved, you won’t be able to resubmit it.

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Load again with Message for the Reviewer and reason, No?

There is still a high risk for rejection. I strongly advise against doing this.

The issue is on Envato’s side and yet it’s the authors who suffer from this. Reparation/compensation needs to come from Envato. Merely bumping up the affected items would do it.

I have the same problem with the new track, not in the portfolio and is not in the search. When I enter a password it is in the portfolio. The track was approved yesterday. In a support written 4 hours ago. No answer.

I have the same problem. Posted in support told me that all is well and there is an item on the market. I sent another message with screenshots already, waiting for an answer.

I wrote to Envato support, but I guess they don’t work on weekends. I’ll just have to wait. Even if it shows in search again the track will be burried deep down below. I’m sure this is an important matter and needs to be avoided in the future. Nobody wants to see their work becoming invisible.

Best wishes!


I got an answer by the envato support. They take care of this issue und will fix it.

The same problem here …

Ok, so I have asked the Envato support for some kind of compensation, like resetting a timer or such for letting the item be displayed on start page and or ranked as it should have been ranked in search results in case the error won’t have happened. The answer was “unfortunately they can not help here”.

I mean, ok… I am not doing this for a living. It is just a hobby. Though I wanna get treated fairly. And god knows how many people are out there that ARE doing this for a living and depending deeply on the income they get from selling their items properly.

Anyhow. I don’t think that they have fixed the issue yet, but I think there is a kind of workaround. I have just updated my Item and boom… after the item’s update was accepted it was displayed properly in my portfolio and also showed up correctly in the search results. So this might help you guys out there until a real fix is there.

For me, I won’t update a new item until this problem is not fixed properly.

Good luck to everyone.