Item not appearing in Envato Elements (Dec 2021)

Hey guys, anyone have trouble with items showing in envato elements? I have moved my item 2 days ago and is not in my elements portfolio still.



Yep, my newly uploaded project isn’t appearing as well. Probably just a website caching-updating delay :thinking:

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Yes, I have the same problem

Me too !! :thinking:

So it’s not only me :slight_smile: I guess it will be resolved soon.

Me too, the item has been approved but is not showing up!!

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Me too !!!

Appeared today! Hooray

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I moved two items to Elements yesterday but it isn’t showing up in my Elements portfolio and home page of Video Templates - Premiere Pro and Apple Motion as well. Hi @Jimmy_J any issues or any delays with adding new items. This is the first time happening like this.

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Same issue

Same problem too here with two music uploads.

@lucafrancini @AndySlatter
Don’t worry guys, it’s happened to us too but it was updated a few days after the item was approved. :slightly_smiling_face: :white_check_mark:

Same issues here, latest approved items not showing in elements…

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