Reasons for rejection of my items

Hello there,
I am unable to understand why these items of mine was hard rejected. Please let me know.
Hard Rejected

In 2021 under the username aquilrahman you tried to upload stolen items repeatedly. We do not forget you. Probably these 5 items are also stolen too since you don’t want to post previews.


These items are downloaded from for free and they allowed there use as free commercial licenses. I am providing you the truth. here.
Please do forget about the past happenings. A file attached clearly proof my saying. I have used all commerccial usage allowed files in my uploads.

Sorry for inconvenience

The rejection of your items may be due to a history of uploading stolen items. Concerns about the authenticity of your uploads and the absence of item previews may also contribute to the rejection. It’s crucial to ensure that your items comply with licensing agreements and provide clear evidence to support your claims.

Item can be downloaded for free then why would someone pay to buy it from you?

If you cannot design and create your own work and reply of freebie stock then this probably is not the right marketplace for you.


Ok. Thanks I got you peoples.

Well, I was subscribed to and they offer a lot of assets by purchasing their subscription for $1.
The designs I uploaded was downloaded after purchasing the subscription and believe me I am not a thief at all.
I have committted mistakes in the past but it does not mean that I am a wrongdoer…
And if, I remember, I have calrified the issue at that point of time as well about the issue and I have taken only the concept but I have designed those GR logos myself as I was learniing to design and I have uploaded those designs to envato without knowing the consequences.
This is only a clarification from my side. I hope these type of wrong statements will not appear in the future. Thanks for your time.