Re-use theme licence on a new website

I have two websites running BeTheme which I’ve disabled as the businesses have ceased trading. I would like to use the BeTheme licences for these two sites on two future sites.

A couple of questions:

  1. Am I ok to do this? Seems to me that I’ve bought the licences and I can re-purpose them as I see fit.
  2. I’ve lost the theme documentation and can’t access the site admins, and the my downloads section on Envato Market doesn’t seem to have dates. Is there any way I can find out the dates of my theme downloads as I could use this to work out which downloads I used for these sites and then re-download them.

Thanks in anticipation.

You’d have to deregister the themes

This can be quite complicated without admin access, but if you contact the author with the purchase codes (get from your themeforest downloads) then they may be able to do it for you remotely

If your theme license is still active then you can deactivate the license from the old domain and activate it on a new one!