Download link to a paid theme


some time ago we have commissioned a designer to create a website for us. For this he used the BeTheme.

But in the meantime there were massive problems with the designer, so he made sure that our site no longer exists and we have to create it completely new.

Except for the license code of the BeTheme we didn’t get anything from the designer.

Therefore my question: Is there a possibility to download the BeTheme somewhere, so that we can install it on the new server and activate it with the license code?

The domain remains the same as the original activation.

Thanks for your help

Not unless the original buyer/dev downloads it for you, or else he set up the necessary app/api integration

If we get the .zip file from him, can we activate the theme as usual or is it necessary that it first gets deactivated?

If it’s the same domain just a new server then can you not just migrate the whole installation you have?

You might get away with using it on the same domain but a different sever but could you not deactivate it yourself in WP admin?

No, because the Server has been deleted in the meanwhile.
We have to rebuild the site completly new. This is one Point why we have the Trouble.

if the server has been deleted or the wordpress website has removed and the theme didn’t deactivated then there are 2 options:

  1. send request to theme author to deativate the license and in this case must have to contact from the original theme purchaser account.
  2. if option 1 will not work for or you don’t have such scope then you have to purchase a new license from your own account and you can use the new purchase code for your website.


The author is unlikely to deactivate unless the request comes from the buyer.