Rating an item

Can anybody rate an item withoht purchasing?

No how could he if doesnt know the quality of files?

But someone rated my item without purchasing

hi, the answer to both your questions seem to be no, u also have to pay attention not to be misleading , rating and commenting is not the same and many newcomers seem not to understand what is the difference , the rating is sort of an evaluation from a buyer , normally to be able to do it, u must have bought an item. As for commenting, all can do, from buyers to other authors

I see but how could someone rate my item without purchasing? Is there a problem?

How do you know they’ve not bought your item?


Well I can not really confirm if this is true, but maybe the buyer has requested a refund/reversal, this will remove the (Purchased / Supported) tags on his/her username (and access to the item ofcourse) but will maybe not remove the review from your review section.
( http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/another-issue-with-bad-review/174228 )

If you think the review is inappropriate you can always try to contact Envato here.

Almost for a week my sales count is same but i received a new rating today, my sales count hasn’t changed.

I rated a bunch of stuff last week from months ago. I often forget and then go back to a bunch of them when I remember. Plus, somebody may have bought something a long time ago, but didn’t need it until recently… so they’ve not yet had chance to review the item. All of those are more likely than somebody being able to rate an item without buying it.

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hi , your are right indeed, this past week end i have received a rating for my christmas flyer and the thing, had necessarily been bought a long while ago, so it can happen to say the least. However, a lot of people also completely do not rate … thatr’s another story