Do authors see reviews/ratings before a total of 3?

Dear Envato Friends,

I have recently started to sell on videohive and already made some sales. Now I’m very curios about what customers think of the items.

Accept the comments on the item page, which I think are all made before purchase or from no actual buyer, I dind’t get any feedback. On the main item page it sais for buyer rating “Minimum of 3 votes required”. Does this also aply for authors? When I go to the tab “Reviews” it sais “This item has no ratings or reviews yet.” My question is: Would I see a review or rating (as the author), even if it is a single one or would I only see them when I got a total of 3 Ratings/Reviews?

Does anyone know about this?

Also, is there a way to see if a comment is from a buyer?

Thank you very much!
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Yes, you will see the ratings in the reviews section on your profile.

It’s difficult that people rate the items, it’s more easy when they are disappointed with your item :confounded:

You can see all the ratings/reviews on “Reviews” page. But for others, the ratings (not reviews) will be seen after getting more than 3 ratings.

Regarding comments, the buyer will have “Purchased” tag next to their username.

Dear Kizzton,
dear Templatin,
thank you very much for your quick responses. Now I understand, thank you!
So I guess I have no customer feedback yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Have a nice day! :smile:

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