Product rating not showing under my sales?

I have a products on codecanyon and a client give me a 5 star rating but my rating is not showing under my total sales like others can any body help.

Thanks in advance.


You need at least 3 ratings before it will show a rating on your item page or under the sales.

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thanks for reply , but i dont need to show rating on my product page i know its at least 3 reviews needed to show , But my question is i need to show under sales profile page, like so, in can you explain what is diff between author rating and the rating i have on my product which is this


You still need at least 3 ratings for it to show there. You only have 2. And by the way, your profile shows total average rating between all of your items.

so is author rating is different to product rating and it cannot be showing beside sales ?

Author rating is an average of all your ratings. For example, if you have 3 products, author rating will be all the ratings of all items summed up and divided by the number of total ratings. You need at least 3 ratings for item until it starts counting.