Question live text templates?


Are products of lower thirds be used in adobe promiere live text templates?


Probably not. Lower thirds are usually either AFter Effects projects or just motion graphics elements. If they’re AE projects, then you can open them in After Effects and customise your text, which will usually be animated on to match the animation of the lower third itself. If they’re in the motion graphics category, then they will be a blank lower third (with transparency) which you bring into the editing software of your choice and add your text on top.

So yeah, if you’re using Premier then you’ll be able to use motion graphics elements and add the text on top. I don’t use Premiere much though, so not sure if you could bring in an AE template and use whatever features you have in Premiere to cusomise it. Although, if you have creative cloud then you should have AE, so you should be able to use the dynami link to import into Pr. Maybe!


Thx for the reply

I’ve tried everything. I can open the file in after effects, no problems
there. I can edit the texts and save there. And I can even export that
specific file as text template. The file changes to aecap which is live
text template.
But ppl say the composition setting should also be in live text template,
which I can’t change it since I am not the creator and even if I go to the
setting, the option isn’t there.

So… I was hoping is there anyway I can use this file as live text template?


You should contact the author, they should be able to best advise. But if it was me, I’d just render directly from After Effects and then bring it into Premiere as footage that you can drop on top of your existing sequence. There’s probably better and quicker ways of doing it, but at least I know that it would work and get the job done.


great suggestion I will contact the author, haha thx