Newbie - how to reposition alower third template

Hi there!
On the learning curve of AE and have bought several title and lower third templates. I can change text info ok but need to move the lower third or title to different places on screen according to the shot behind it.
Cant for the life of me work out how to change the position.
None of the tutes I have tell me how to reposition the entire lower third to a new position (or I am missing it). One I have in mind needs the text info (lower third) to be moved to lower half right. The template has it on the left.
Can yo advise please!

Pre-comp (Ctrl+Shift+C) lower third (if it is not pre-comped already) and created layer move to different place (press P and change position).

Thank you for your prompt reply DOGmotion.

Had a go at your suggestion. Its too complicated. The lower third stats off with a box, then three vertical layers of txt roll up into the box. I cant get it working so Ill contact the creator n hope I get a reply.

My frustration is that Im in a bind very soon - called a deadline and need to nail this pronto.

Thx anyway