Premiere Pro Templates

Dear colleagues. I would like to discuss a new and interesting topic. Support, if you see in this something new and unique. There is unaffected, but as practice shows - rather demanded a new direction.

Templates for the Adobe Premiere Pro. Tools similar with After Effects. For many customers - the After Effects complicated program. And they will be very pleased to be able to use a template for Premiere Pro. It may be titles, logo, transitions or presets. I ask to give the opportunity to download a template or two on videohive, to test this area.

Here are some examples of templates made by me.
Example 01
Example 02

This can be an additional source of income for all and new line of work. I wrote in support, sent to the forum. I myself is very convenient to use transitions templates or titles with Premiere Pro, without using the After Effects. I look forward to discussing this response and the response from the administration and colleagues.

Great topic and I’m interested in it :slight_smile: How would you describe the workflow for creating the templates and how do Premiere Pro users use the templates? Can a user just import a Premiere Pro project file that we create (animated titles, for example) then place those assets on their existing project timeline?
What are some of the differences between creating titles in PP and AE?

Users import transitions or titles to their projects, customize, if this need, and render final results. very simple and very fast. example

They can open project in PP, customize and render final results, then import video in their sequences.

The most weighty difference is that there are no shapes, masks only have linear keyframes. It is very difficult to work with bezier curves. But Premiere Pro have adjustment layers, black video, color mattes, poferfull titles editor and a lot of effects.

I would like to Envato given the opportunity to upload some templates, and look at the results. There are templates for Apple Motion and Final Cut… Premier Pro also deserves it.

In reality this idea won’t work and that’s why:

  1. PP has very poor tools for creating something really good. All projects will be quite the same

  2. As you can’t create something advanced in PP there isn’t any big difference in workflow for user in AE or PP. All actions are like “drag/drop/text edit/color edit”. And besides, in AE you can create userfriendly interface, where they can change most of parameters in 1 layer. But you can’t do this in PP. and there will be a mess with a big set of titles, for example.

  3. And cmon, PP is for Video Editing!)))

This idea is already working, Just not here. And the number of people who like it - a very serious performance increases. In the Premiere, too, can make a friendly modular structure.
Look here
[MOD: Removed - competitor marketplace]

93 projects have already been there and it’s only the beginning. And they fetched much better parallax slideshow.

Here’s a guy to do kinetic typography. And then tell me that the Premiere Pro for video editing.
[MOD: Removed - competitor marketplace]

And this package distortion for the Premiere Pro. With transitions, titles, presets, and logo.
For a week it downloaded more than 40 times. Some of the other more than 100 times. Users really like this idea.
[MOD: Removed - competitor marketplace]

This Call Outs in PP)) [MOD: Removed - competitor marketplace]

Most of those project wouldn’t be accepted here due to quality standarts etc.
And yeah, PP is for editing :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not a discussion, talk about the quality of subjective standards can be anything you want to nullify.
Many videographers need simple and quick things. And I’m not talking about that in the premiere to do 3D photos or particles creators or slideshows. But everyday tools for daily work can create. This is a segment that would not compete with the after effects. And these simple tools are in demand.

Many people do not work in the After Effect. And do everything you need in video editor.

As in the example final cut projects - Final cut Template on Envato

I understand usefulness of such projects and probable demand. But there should be really high quality items in PP to be comparable with AE analogs. I tell this because of overall situation with quality standards here. Level of AE projects is constantly rising, lots of get rejected. Accepting same projects in PP with lower quality could be a problem.

I agree. Like everywhere else - review must be.

Danil, quality and demand are two very different concepts.
Author says about demand for PP templates. Quality of PP templates it`s the next step.

Just view first AE templates on videohive

It`s high qulity?

For april’08 I think it is…