Duplicating compositions, but being able to edit text so its different in each..??!!

I’ve bought a number of after effects files from Videohive, espeically lower thirds. My premiere video projects need to have a number of lower third titles, obviously each in the same style, but with different text information.

The problem is when I try to duplicate compositions (either in the project window or the timeline), any changes I make to text affects all the compositions (i.e instances of my title).

I have also tried saving the project as different names and working in separate projects for each title, but to no avail.

Please help, I’m a bit of a novice to after effects and am sure there’s an easy(ish!) solution!

You have to make sure all compositions are duplicated. IE. if i had ONE main project with my LOWER THIRD and TITLE pre compositions. If i go into that TITLE pre comp and change the text it will obviously change in my ONE main comp.

Now you also have open a TWO comp which you need to say something else. But remember in this comp you probably have the same TITLE comp used as in the number ONE comp and the same LOWER THIRD comp. So In the project window simple DUPLICATE the TITLE comp and call it TITLE 2 (or whatever you want). And then replace by using ALT and LEFT CLICK and dragging over the TITLE comp in your TWO comp. (you have to make sure the original TITLE comp is selected within your timeline when you drag your TITLE 2 comp in there) You can then change anything you want in either title and it will only change in either the ONE or TWO comp.

I hope that makes sense? sorry if not, i tried. Quite hard through text to get my point across.

Download “True Comp Duplicator” Here
You choose the price, so you COULD get it free.
You can look up videos on Youtube that will show you how to install and use it, it’s a life saver and does exactly what you’re trying to do.
Hope that helps.